Why You Should Hang a Magnolia Wreath on Your Front Door

This week, scores of Christians, conservatives, and DIYers were outraged when Buzzfeed published a witch hunt article going after Chip and Joanna Gaines, the hosts of the widely popular HGTV show, Fixer Upper.


Even if you support same-sex marriage or aren’t a Christian, that fact that the article was published should concern you. Why is it anyone’s business what religious convictions or political views the hosts hold on a show that has absolutely nothing to do with religion or politics?  HGTV is on the record that “people from all walks of life” are welcome on their shows. As long as you meet the criteria for appearing on Fixer Upper – and they are currently casting for season 5 – you can apply.

Whether you love Fixer Upper or were flabbergasted at the Buzzfeed article, there’s a way you can show your support for Chip and Joanna.

Hang a magnolia wreath on your front door. Then post a picture of it on social media explaining why you support the Gaines.

A magnolia wreath might not be as famous as shiplap, but millions of Fixer Upper fans know the connection.

Not only does Joanna hang magnolia wreaths on the front door of all the Fixer Upper homes, but the couple also use “magnolia” to name all of their business ventures. The Gaines’ flagship store in Waco, Texas is named Magnolia Market. Adjacent on the property is Magnolia House, a bed-and-breakfast. They own Magnolia Realty in south Texas. Joanna has furniture, rug and paint lines under the Magnolia moniker, and the couple currently have a best-selling book titled, The Magnolia Story.


In their book, Joanna explains the significance of magnolias:

When we first started dating, we were driving around talking. Chip saw a magnolia tree on the side of the road and pulled over, ran to the tree, climbed it, pulled off one of the blooms and brought it back to me. It was the first flower he ever gave me, and I fell in love with magnolias after that. Now we plant one in the front yard of every job we finish to remember where we started.

Magnolias are also a traditional Southern symbol of hospitality. They’re a popular greenery at the holidays and are easy to find at your nearby craft store, florist, or even the Magnolia Market.

Hanging a magnolia wreath on your front door is the perfect way to graciously send a message of support for both Chip and Joanna and express your support for religious liberty in this country.  

After all, hanging a magnolia wreath is much easier than building your shiplap wall of solidarity.


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