MUY BUENO: California Border County San Diego Supports Trump Sanctuary City Lawsuit

California’s cities and counties are woke. No really. They’ve been awakened to the absurdity of the sanctuary city idiocy coming from their state leaders. And they aren’t taking it anymore.


San Diego county is just the latest in a rapidly growing number of cities that recognize the inherent problem of being asked to follow a state law and a federal law which are incompatible. It’s an untenable situation the Trump administration is seeking to resolve in court, and city after city is joining with them.

On Tuesday, the San Diego County Board of Supervisors voted 3-1 to support the Trump administration’s lawsuit and will be filing an amicus brief “at the first available opportunity”, reports the San Diego Union-Tribune.

“We’re talking about people who are crossing the border illegally, coming into this county and committing a crime and them being let loose probably to commit another crime,” said Dianne Jacob, supervisor for the district that covers East County. “That creates a public-safety issue and creates a problem in our neighborhoods.”

If you click through on that article, you’ll note the derisive tone and angry editorializing embedded in the supposed news story. Reporter Kate Morrissey does everything but call the board members racists outright. This attitude among media elites is perfectly representative of the lackadaisical attitude state Attorney General Becerra and Governor Brown have toward both federal law and the integrity of our borders.


The Reuters article continues the partisan jabbing, repeating the phrase “all Republican” about 97 times when referring to the votes of the cities and counties. As if the Republicans did some hostile takeover of these councils rather than being elected by the citizens to do exactly what they are doing: make decisions and represent their voters.

San Diego-Tijuana border. Photo by Sgt. 1st Class Gordon Hyde ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

San Diego county and neighboring Tijuana, Mexico comprise the busiest and largest urban area on the U.S.-Mexico border. Border security, and the consequences of border policy, are felt directly by the residents. The residents who, I hasten to remind Reuters and the Union-Tribune, voted for and put in office the Republican supervisors who voted to file the brief.

That’s how government works. You know, as opposed to by unlawful decrees from lawless governors who want to pander to the liberal Emotional-Industrial complex. One can of course support better and even more lax immigration laws without defying the existing ones, and a city or county shouldn’t be forced into untenable situations by an Attorney General who cares more for his political aspirations than the rule of law.


Here’s more (and better) via ABC-10 in San Diego.

Among the laws targeted by the legal action is SB 54, which limits cooperation between local law enforcement and federal immigration authorities.

Supervisor Dianne Jacob led public opposition to the laws and said she agrees with U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions that they are unconstitutional and undermine public safety.

“This is a politically super-charged issue as you might imagine,” Gaspar told Fox News. “We’re talking about hundreds of emails pouring in from all sides. But let us not forget, let’s take the emotion out of this. We’re talking about following the constitutional laws of our land.”

The words of one of those Republicans, Newport Beach councilma Scott Peotter, kind of say it all: “We want to be a law and order city and a law and order state. We want to comply with federal law and state law. They put us into a situation where we have to choose and we don’t like it.”

Exactly right.


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