BREAKING: Austin Bomber Dead of Own Device During FBI/SWAT Confrontation, Law Enforcement Confirms

Wow, huge news breaking out of Austin, Texas as it appears the suspect in a string of bombings has been killed in a gun battle with police.

Austin ABC affiliate KVUE-TV has the stunning story this morning, reporting that law enforcement has confirmed the suspect was killed, following law enforcement tracking him down, and a subsequent face off with FBI and/or police.


Here is the relevant police report tweet:

The FBI was attempting an arrest when the suspect detonated the device he had on him…

And that’s when the gunfire started. It is unclear if the suspect was already dead from his own device when the shooting began. Here’s more from affiliate WFAA-TV. (see updates below)

We will update you as the information becomes available.

UPDATE: This is interesting.


UPDATE: (5:05 am)
According to KVUE, the man was identified in surveillance video at a South Austin FedEx Office store on Brodie Lane dropping off two packages, one of which was intercepted at a FedEx facility near the Austin airport, and the other which exploded on a conveyor belt at a FedEx sorting facility in Schertz, north of San Antonio.

Law enforcement used the surveillance video, store receipts, and cell phone technology to identify the suspect and track him to a hotel in Round Rock in Williamson County, just north of Austin.

Multiple local Austin media sources are now stating that he did indeed die from the detonation of his own device.

UPDATE: (5:30 am)
WFAA reports that law enforcement, having ID’d him through the FedEx packages, were already closing in before the unrelated Goodwill incident last night. They were planning to surprise him, which they did when confronting him overnight at Round Rock.

By all accounts, the FBI and police did an outstanding job here. WFAA’s Jason Whitely said it best:



UPDATE: (5:54 am) The AP is being VERY cautious with the reports from the local reporters.

UPDATE: (6:00 am) – However, CNN has confirmed through multiple sources of their own.

UPDATE: (7:08 AM)
There is no question the suspect detonated his own device, killing himself. Here is video and description from the Austin police department this morning.


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