The Best Donald Trump Tweet (And Decision) Since ... Well, Ever

President Trump’s Twitter has been a huge source of trouble, a magnet for media attention, an outlet for outrage, and generally more of a bug than a feature when it comes to his Presidency. But every once in a while…


This week, President Trump made huge news when he officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Jerusalem is, in fact, the capital of Israel. It always has been. Political expediency has made recognition of that fact complicated.

When Trump made news with his declaration, heartburn flared up around the globe and especially in the media and at the DNC. Democrat Senators decried him, opinion pages scolded him. This despite the fact that it has been official U.S. policy for some time that Jerusalem is, in fact, the capital of Israel. Which it is.

Making the big news with this was good. It was the right thing to do. You can argue about whether Trump knows it was the right thing to do, whether his heart was in the right place, or what the price of tea is in China, but the truth is that the right thing was done.

Good Trump.

It wasn’t just the recognition. It was the statement of intent to move the United States embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Now, to be sure, every President makes this promise. Or at least, every president since 1995. But the difference with Trump is two-fold.

First, and again, it’s the hubbub. The big deal. When Trump says something, it’s scrutinized and criticized and praised, variously, far more than, say, an Obama or Bush statement would be. That peculiar attention makes his declaration about Israel more of an affront to her foes and a clarion for allies. And so, too, is the case with the embassy move. Even though he signed the same six-month waiver on moving, he announced his intent to do so, and a big deal was made. That big deal is itself a statement.


But it’s more than words, it seems. Secretary of State Tillerson made an emphatic statement that preparation for the move would begin immediately. And now President Trump is tripling down, in what is pretty much the best Trump tweet ever. See for yourself.

I love this. I love the action. It’s time. We just need him to stick with this plan and not back down.

In 1995, President Clinton signed into law that the United States recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Since 1998, there has been mandate to move the embassy there, that every six months since is delayed by waiver. But after all of this media attention, after Israel’s very public gratitude, can we even imagine that it won’t now be moved in truth?

It’s hard to imagine it happening under any other president. It requires bucking conventional wisdom and the massive pressure of Europe, Arab nations, and the Democrats. But bucking convention is kind of Trump’s gig.

They say that only Nixon could go to China. Perhaps only Trump can get the embassy to Jerusalem.


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