President Trump Gives Full Support to Roy Moore for Senate

It’s 8 days until the special election in Alabama, and terrible person Roy Moore has finally received the full support and endorsement of President Donald Trump, who is no prize himself.


Moore is a petty tyrant; a controversial figure who loves theocracy and hates gays. But there’s more to him than that. He’s also in really hot water.

Moore, as we have outlined at length at RedState, is credibly accused by several women of sexual misconduct, including the sexual molestation of a 14-year old girl. A lot of “conservatives” are arguing the accusations are nonsense from Democrat activists who are trying to trash Moore’s candidacy. That is false.

I said false. Not “probably wrong” or “doubtful” but false. If your argument is that these accusations are spurious, uncredible, and overtly partisan, then you are incorrect. Wrong. Mistaken.


Or, you know, a liar.

Also if you, as some (including a disgusting travesty of an “op-ed” that should never ever have been published by any website that wishes to remain even remotely credible) do, think that voting for him is fine and admirable even if you accept that he molested a 14-year old girl, then you are worse than wrong. You are depraved.

I don’t know which thing President Trump believes, but neither being mistaken nor being depraved are new things for him.

The people of Alabama could have had a write-in candidate. They also could have pressured Moore to step aside instead of climbing up on pulpits to preach about how God loves child rape. But they didn’t.

Roy Moore could have put aside his ego and his naked ambition and done what was good for the party and the country, endorsing an alternative Republican candidate. But he didn’t either.

In fact, he’s sending out gross email fundraisers referencing his scandal as some sort of war against the establishment, and even the emails have creepy undertones. Just like his gross interview with Hannity did. I like to call that a pattern. Or perhaps corroborating evidence.


If he’s trying to convince people he didn’t do it, he’s doing a sh**ty job of it.

If I lived in Alabama, you can bet he wouldn’t have my vote. You don’t have to be a saint, or the pope, or even a very good person to oppose molesting kids. And you don’t have to be a political genius to see how bad this is for the Republican party and conservatives long term, or even in the short term as people are calling for the punishment of sexual harassers of other adults. And as neither a pope nor a genius, I would have voted for a write-in candidate. Probably Lee Busby.

I still would, if I lived there. But I guess the Republicans in Alabama will just have to show us who they really are next week.



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