HuffPo 'Senior Reporter' Wins Most Despicable Tweet of the Week ... and Believe Me, That's a Tough Category

There is a lot of competition for most heinous tweet of the week, but I’m going to have to give it to this Senior Reporter for the Huffington Post (and, surprise surprise, former Gawker writer) for her tweet about Senator John McCain.


The tweet is below. It’s a screenshot, because she deleted it. Not out of regret, remorse, or embarrassment, but because “it’s not worth it.” Of course, everyone screenshots everything, so she hasn’t saved herself much in the way of headaches.

As I said, the tweet is below, and it was precipitated the news that John McCain is endorsing the GOP tax bill. Last night the Senate voted, on a strict party-line vote, to bring the bill forward for debate. McCain is on board now. Rand Paul announced his own intended “yes” vote, as did Susan Collins(!), so this thing is happening.

And that’s what prompted this from Feinberg.

Get it? It’s funny because he has a brain tumor and is going to die.

If she’d deleted it and said something like “sorry, that was over the line” we, of course, wouldn’t be here. But she deleted it because …

It’s a tough category. But this one probably wins.


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