A Twitter 'Sarah Sanders Baked a Real Pie, But Here's 500 People Making Fun of Her as Fake Anyway' Moment

Press Secretary and mom Sarah Sanders baked a pie for Thanksgiving. A chocolate pecan pie, specifically, and a fine looking one, too. The internet, of course, wasn’t about to let that slide.


The first thing I saw when I pulled up Twitter last night was a “Moment” about the pie incident. Here is the text from the top of the page.

After the White House Press Secretary shared a photo of a chocolate pecan pie she had baked, she inspired a debate about how similar it looked to a stock photo. It turned out to be very real, but still inspired plenty of memes.

Then they show a slew of tweets parodying the pie tweet, suggesting that she used a stock photo or a fake in order to .. I don’t know, deceive the internet about pie? I’m not sure what sinister plot they thought was afoot, but she works at the Trump White House so everything she does must be sinister.

Here’s the top tweet from the “Moment.”

You’ll note the moment says “inspired a debate” but of course, that’s not what happened at all. A bunch of jackasses thought it was fake because the internet is hard when you’re not too bright. Which brings us, of course, to the media. You see, after I saw this moment, I checked Twitchy.com and found, naturally, that the press were part of the pie mob.


From the web …

…to the White House Press Corps.

If you’re wondering why they thought it was PBS, it’s because they don’t know about silly details like urls or how they work. The Twitter image url was “https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DPV1z_4VQAAg9qa.jpg” … that pbs.twimg.com is used for all Twitter images. It has nothing to do with public broadcasting.

The demands and mockery took the hashtag #piegate and it went wild, apparently. There were dozens more examples in this Twitter moment of people mocking Sanders for using a stock photo to fake a pie. Which she didn’t do, you’ll recall.


Of course, the debunking that shouldn’t have needed to take place but did anyway still wasn’t enough to satisfy some, and that some also, of course, made the Twitter “Moment.”

Twitter “Moments” are curated and, although you can create your own, the ones you see listed are usually not from a user. When it is, you see their name. This one was curated and created by Twitter. Ridiculing Sarah Sanders for faking a pie that she didn’t fake.

Happy holidays?


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