Paul Ryan Admits GOP Losses on Tuesday Put "More Pressure" on GOP to Achieve Agenda (WATCH)

You’ve read a lot at RedState today about the big losses suffered by the GOP yesterday, and you’ve probably seen a lot of coverage on cable news as well. One hopes the GOP leadership has seen the same.


Maybe, if Paul Ryan is any indication, they have.

Speaker Ryan did a livestream interview with Joseph Lawler of the Washington Examiner this morning, and he conceded the takeaway here.

From the Examiner:

“I fundamentally believe when we deliver on comprehensive tax reform and tax relief, especially for middle-income families, when people see their paychecks going up and see faster economic growth, better jobs being created,” Ryan continued. “I think that’s going to bear fruit politically, but most importantly it’s going to help people.

“If anything, this just puts more pressure on making sure we follow through,” Ryan said. “That’s what I take out of it. I adore Ed Gillespie. I feel bad that he lost, but I think it simply means we’ve got to deliver.”

It is impossible to overemphasize the importance of the GOP delivering, or at the very least appearing to deliver. As I wrote this morning, they can’t try to learn a lesson about President Trump from last night. Strategists will, of course. The White House should, definitely, but the GOP can’t cast the blame aside.


Just as it is dumb for pro-Trump pundits to blame this loss on some so-called “never trump” movement, it is equally absurd for the members of the House and the Senate to look at anyone but themselves for after-action.

They have to deliver. That’s the bottom line. It’s what’s been missing. Whether they actually even can do that is another story. But impossiblity does not change necessity. They have to deliver. Or at least appear to. Or they’re in big trouble.

Maybe Speaker Ryan really gets that.

(Read more from the Examiner here.)


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