Shannon Watts Lies About Texas Gun Laws, Alyssa Milano Repeats It, and This is How Myths are Made

Anti-gun fanatic and Dana Loesch stalker Shannon Watts has been doing what she does for the last 24 hours or so since the horrific events in Texas. Namely, going nuts about guns and paying no attention to the man behind the gun.


And as usual, she sucks in easily-led celebrities and other societal elites with her false claims.

Here’s a prime example. Watts tweeted this preposterous thing…

It was repeated by actress Alyssa Milano.

This is just flatly untrue. I will make this as simple as possible. And by me, I mean the ATF. This is from the FAQ at the site, in answer to the question of whether background checks are required.

Yes. Licensed manufacturers, importers, and dealers must conduct a background check for the transfer of all firearms subject to the GCA.

[18 U.S.C. 922(t); 27 CFR 478.102]

All. Firearms. This is a federal law that applies to all gun sales from all licensed dealers and all stores everywhere in the United States, including the state of Texas.

In the state of Texas, a background check is required to buy those. Period. No Texas law has disallowed AR15s from that requirement, nor in any other way contravened federal law. Texas is not different or special here. The law applies.


Watts, if challenged, will likely claim she is referring to private transfer (which would not apply to the shooter in Texas) or that she meant there is no additional Texas requirement, but of course, that’s not what she said.

And that matters, because a famous actress believed her, and that actress’s tweet was retweeted and believed by thousands who now think you can walk into Walmart in Texas and walk out with an AR15 and nobody has to know anything about you.

It’s disinformation, intended to frighten, designed to confuse the issue, and done intentionally. Propaganda, of the fear-mongering variety, to be exact. Not to mention it is furthering a negative stereotype of Texans as lawless idiots.

That’s how myths are made. Like the myth of the unfettered sale of AR15s in Texas.

Myths, by the way, detract from action that might actually be helpful. Background checks are required. Is the background check system working properly? Are they missing things? Aren’t those better questions than pursuing a myth about the Wild West?


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