Hurricane Maria Is About To Make a Potentially Catastrophic Landfall in Puerto Rico

Here we go again. So soon after Harvey and Irma, another massive and powerful storm is headed to destruction as Hurricane Maria bears down on Puerto Rico. Reports vary as to whether it is a Category 4 or 5, as the wind speed is right at the break (about 155 to 157 mph sustained winds reported, which is the line.)


Gov. Ricardo Rosselló is preparing the island for what he says they are expecting to be the “worst hurricane in modern history in Puerto Rico.” At the time of this posting, winds, rain, and storm surge are battering the island as it prepares to make landfall on the southeast side of the island.

This is from about 4 a.m. eastern time.

This from five a.m.:


hurricanemaria (via Twitter)

The Governor tweeted that the shelters are packed at 2:30 a.m., with “10,059 refugees and 189 pets.” Millions more are riding it out in their homes.

The worst is expected between 8 and 9 this morning. Should there be any updates, we’ll have them here. Be safe, and once again, pray for those in the path of devastation.

UPDATE: Footage as it comes ashore.


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