Republican Talker Neal Boortz Wins for Worst, Ugliest, Most Uncalled-for Hurricane Comment to Date

Just a short time ago, a woman suffering through the terrible flooding and loss in Texas was on camera on CNN when she unleashed what was not only surely pent-up rage and frustration at her situation, but specific anger at the microphones and cameras being pushed in every face in every shelter and flood area in Texas by the press.


You would think a large portion of the CNN-hating, MSM-hating, free press hating “conservative” right would find in her a new folk hero, speaking back fiercely against what she sees as the exploitative press. But you’d be wrong, if retired big name AM talker and thought-leader Neal Boortz is any indication. I guess there’s some mystery group of people he likes even less than the press.


Seriously, what the eff bomb, Boortz? “What husband?” Are you serious? Did you not have enough characters to throw in a comment about “the rap music”? Unbelievable.

He’s backpedaling a teensy bit on Twitter now, claiming he meant he liked the F-bomb or some other nonsensical defense that he only objected to part of her comment, although still berating those who objected. Maybe he just thinks there are some “very fine” flood waters among the dangerous ones, I don’t know.


Expect to hear lame defenses from other “conservatives” about how his statement was merely “dumb” or poorly thought out, but that it is without any larger meaning or context. Because that’s what you do now, I guess, if you’re a Republican.

And to think he had the gall to complain about “class.”

*I changed the headline from “conservative” to “republican” talker, though in these Trump times it hardly makes a difference since both words have lost all meaning.


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