Jake Tapper's Amazing Twitter Thread Reveals the Violence of Antifa in Charlottesville

CNN’s Jake Tapper is one of the best and most professional journalists in the business. One reason for that is his frequent and bold steps outside the line, reporting what others, we see with our eyes, refuse to report.


That is the case again when it comes to Antifa, whom the President named as part of the problem in Charlottesville and whom idiot ideologues and media figures have been grossly equating with World War II heroes.

I went back a few years in tech and compiled a Storify of his tweets on the subject.

Antifa, as we have reported here at RedState many times, are far from the innocent and virtuous decriers of hate that we’ve been hearing about all week. And at least one MSM reporter isn’t afraid to say so.

Please and by all means, tell everyone. Show them these stories and make the truth known. But first, FIRST … clean up at home. Oh, and before any of us gets too cocky on Twitter, just remember that only one group had a murderer kill someone at the rally.


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