BREAKING: Infant Charlie Gard Has Died

Charlie Gard, the innocent child who was denied by rule of court a chance at possibly life-saving treatment, has passed away today.

We’ve written extensively at RedState about the many horrors in this awful situation. But no horror, and no preparation, can make his family and those who loved him ready for what is now the reality: his absence.

There is to be justified outrage. There will be further discussion and argument about this awful and dark chapter in the story of government and medical care. But first, today and for at least a moment, remember the very real pain and anguish that his family is now enduring. Every pain from diagnosis to now, relived, and the terrible reality that this struggle is at end and he is unthinkably gone.

It is the sad, tragic finish of an unrelenting saga for his family and those involved, but respite at last for the infant son of two parents who loved him.

May he rest in peace.

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