Nikki Haley Is the Hero Gotham Deserves

… AND the one we need.

Ambassador Nikki Haley went to the United Nations to chew gum and kick ass. And she doesn’t chew gum. What she has done is speak as a sane, clear, powerful voice of our new and still coalescing foreign policy. There may be no Trump doctrine yet, but there is a Haley doctrine: keep it real.


Take, for example, her smack down of Russia over Assad.

“To my colleagues from Russia, you are isolating yourselves from the international community every time one of Assad’s planes drop another barrel bomb on civilians. And every time Assad tries to starve another community to death. People not just in the west but across the Middle East and the world are speaking out against Assad’s brutality. It is long past time for Russia to stop covering for Assad. It is long past time for Russia to push seriously for peace, and not continue to be part of the problem.”

That’s just a taste. Watch the whole video above, it’s worth it.

It’s the second time in about a week Haley has slayed at the U.N. On Friday, addressing our laying waste to a fifth of Syria’s entire air forces, she laid out the why and made no apologies.

There is no clearer voice right now on the issue of what we are doing and why. Nikki Haley doesn’t mess around. Not with Syria. Not with Russia. Not with the U.N.


The United Nations is a total train wreck. The whole world should be grateful for someone like Nikki Haley going in there and not only setting the record straight but reminding the U.N. of their responsibilities and commitments.

And maybe that’s really the doctrine of the new administration. Commitments. Mattis is telling NATO to honor their commitments, Haley is telling Russia and the United Nations to honor theirs, and 59 tomahawk missiles told Syria they damn well better live up to theirs.

It’s time the rest of the world starts standing by their agreements, and if James Mattis and Nikki Haley have anything to do with it, they will.


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