At Press Briefing, White House Prepares to Pass the Buck on #Trumpcare

Again, today, the President and the White House met with reluctant members of the House about passage of Trumpcare in today’s vote. Both the White House and House leadership continue to tell the press that they are confident they have enough votes, even though they are meeting over and over with House Freedom Caucus members and other Reps. to try to convince them to buy the magic seeds.


Today the President gave the Freedom Caucus his “final offer,” and they were not impressed. Now some moderates aren’t either. But the theater goes on.

In the Daily Press Briefing, Sean Spicer revealed their actual strategy, which is to blame the people who won’t vote for a **** sandwich, instead of those offering it.

First, the big speech about living up to promises. This is important. Trump vowed to get rid of Obamacare. To fully repeal it. Instead, he’s taking this limp bill and pitching it hard in the hopes of just getting this off his plate. It’s not a rally where thousands of people lavish applause on him for parroting talking points, so he’s not really interested.

Got it? Keep my campaign promise for me. But then the tell:

If this bill doesn’t pass, he’s going to just pass the buck. It won’t be because he’s failed to even OFFER a repeal, per his campaign promise, and instead wants people to pass this mess. No, it’s because of the people who refuse to play along with the charade. His failure is their fault.


You can also expect him to take full credit if it passes, but abdicate any responsibility at all if it becomes law and everyone realizes how much it sucks. He won’t even stand by it once liberals start posting stories every five minutes about someone who “lost” their insurance coverage. He’ll bail faster than your doctor.

This is, of course, exactly the kind of thing we told you would happen throughout his Presidency. But he’s not a typical politician though, right?


By the way, what are conservative politicians expecting? A good bill. Not this one. And not some magical promise of “three phases.”


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