Justin Amash on Leadership's Changes to Trumpcare Bill: "They Have Seriously Miscalculated."

House Freedom Caucus member Rep. Justin Amash tweeted tonight that the changes that have been made to the AHCA, the Republican “repeal & replace” bill, are inadequate, don’t really change anything, and that Ryan and company are seriously miscalculating their chance of passing this thing.


That’s a lot in a few words, and bad new for the bill, which goes up for a vote this week.

The Freedom Caucus meeting tonight shows the serious challenges the bill faces from within. Conservatives, both in the House and Senate and at coffee tables and water coolers, have been very unhappy with “Obamacare Lite” as it has been called.

Sen. Ted Cruz attended the Freedom Caucus meeting tonight as well. This week Cruz blasted the so-called “three phases” plan as a fantasy and called the theoretical third phase a “sucker’s bucket.” He wasn’t the only Senator dropping in.



Paul, too, has been not only a vocal critic, but like Senator Cruz has pointed out the dicey math the GOP and the Trump administration are using to count votes in both the house and senate.

Bottom line? It’s not looking good, Speaker Ryan.



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