Elizabeth Warren is a "Dream Come True" Says Trump (VIDEO)

On Saturday night, President Trump appeared in an interview with Fox News spring break reporter Jesse Watters for an interview. No bikinis were involved, although they did do a pop quiz.


Trump was asked about various friends and foes, and with Warren the 2020 election came up (because goodness knows we can’t possibly start that campaign soon enough). You may recall that Democrats have been floating her as a potential opponent next time around, because they don’t learn so good.

Here’s what President Trump had to say.

I know. I’ve said in previous posts that the whole “blank can never win” argument is supposed to be dead, now that “Trump can never win” has been so thoroughly debunked. But we have to make some exceptions. Warren can never win. Even Democrats, in their honest, deepest heart of hearts, know that she’s all wrong. And all her faults are the same as Hillary’s only magnified by a thousand. The only thing she has over Hillary is no high crimes and misdemeanors (so far).

Also? “Pocahontas would not be proud” should be a new thing we say. Not just about Elizabeth Warren. Everyone. Anyone. I’ve decided.


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