Angry Newt Gingrich Rants About 'Profoundly Dishonest' CBO, Demands GOP Abolish It [VIDEO]

“I don’t trust a single word they have published, and I don’t believe them.”

I guess Newt didn’t care for the bad projections regarding the House bill to not repeal and sort of replace Obamacare. Via The Right Scoop:


“They lied,” says Newt. “Disgustingly wrong” on Obamacare, he says. And finally “profoundly dishonest.”

Seems Angry Newt is not a fan. OR, and just go with me here, OR he’s just trying to max spin for the bill because he wants the appearance of a Trump campaign promise being fulfilled, no matter what it costs the nation.

I personally find it more than interesting to hear Newt call the CBO report a fabrication, though, since people working to get it passed have said for days, to bloggers and in emails and other ways, that they knew millions would lose health insurance AND that this report would reflect that. Not to mention all the analysis taking place right now on the right and left over why people would be no longer covered by health insurance who were under Obama’s mandatory plan. The CBO may be leftist shills, but what about all those other people?


And abolishing the CBO and farming out the scoring and analysis may be a great idea, but that’s not responsive to whether or how they lied about the impact of the GOP bill the Trump-appointee-led Office analyzed, is it?

There will be people who have insurance now that won’t next year. That’s just an obvious fact. He should be explaining why, not playing outrage monkey.

But Newt’s job in this administration does seem to be “have the loudest mouth and the least shame.” So I guess he’s just doing his job.


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