Okay, Then. Russian Elected Officials Leap to Flynn's Defense.

From the “I’m sure this is fine” files, the Associated Press reported early Tuesday morning about two Russian lawmakers who jumped to the defense of resigning National Security Adviser Mike Flynn over accusations regarding his relationship with their nation.

Konstantin Kosachev, chairman of the foreign affairs committee at the upper chamber of the Russian parliament, said in a post on Facebook that firing a national security adviser for his contacts with Russia is “not just paranoia but something even worse.”

Kosachev also expressed frustration with the Trump administration.

“Either Trump hasn’t found the necessary independence and he’s been driven into a corner… or Russophobia has permeated the new administration from top to bottom.”

Kosachev’s counterpart at the lower chamber of the Russian parliament, Alexei Pushkov, tweeted shortly after the announcement that “it was not Flynn who was targeted but relations with Russia.”

Yeah, it’s not exactly the deluge of support I was expecting when I saw the perhaps “fierce” oversell of an AP tweet of the story, but there you have it. I expect to see more Russian commentary today. They have yet to shy away from getting involved in our politics.

Especially when invited. But ya know.


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