Mad Dog Mattis Sworn In, Addresses Troops for First Time as SecDef, and it is Awesome [VIDEO]

After President Donald Trump signed the waiver, USMC General ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis was sworn in as the nations 26th Secretary of Defense today. As a former Marine myself, let just say “Ooh Rah, Devil Dog.”


After taking his oath, Gen. Mattis sent out a statement addressed to the entire Dept. of Defense.

It’s good to be back and I’m grateful to serve alongside you as Secretary of Defense.

Together with the Intelligence Community we are the sentinels and guardians of our nation. We need only look to you, the uniformed and civilian members of the Department and your families, to see the fundamental unity of our country. You represent an America committed to the common good; an America that is never complacent about defending its freedoms; and an America that remains a steady beacon of hope for all mankind.

Every action we take will be designed to ensure our military is ready to fight today and in the future. Recognizing that no nation is secure without friends, we will work with the State Department to strengthen our alliances. Further, we are devoted to gaining full value from every taxpayer dollar spent on defense, thereby earning the trust of Congress and the American people.

I am confident you will do your part. I pledge to you I’ll do my best as your Secretary.


This is a measured, decorous, and appropriate statement, but it is awesome for three reasons.

First, because it is an official correspondence from Gen. Mattis as our Secretary of Defense. How great is that, America? Best cabinet appointment, period.


Second, he gives props to the Intel Community. This vital part of our national defense has taken a beating lately. It’s great to see him put intel right in the first sentence and bodes well for the months ahead.

And third, when Secretary Mattis says that every action “will be designed to ensure our military is ready to fight today and in the future,” you better damn well believe he means it.

I’m personally thrilled to see the General take office, and this was a great opening statement.

Now watch his swearing-in. You can practically hear red, white, and blue eagles cheering.

How awesome is that? For this moment alone, President Trump deserves the thanks of the nation.

h/t The Blaze


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