BREAKING: In Midnight Session, Senate Passes Budget Resolution with Instruction to Repeal Obamacare

With a vote of 51 to 48, the Senate tonight passed the budget resolution that is a step toward repealing Obamacare. This bill instructs congressional committees to begin writing the Repeal bills.

Senator Rand Paul voted no with the Democrats. We’ll update the vote tally shortly.

This resolution is part of the process toward repeal. It triggers “reconciliation” and protects fiscal legislation from the filibuster, requiring only a simple majority.

Passage of the resolution was expected, and now the GOP can, using the same method used to pass Obamacare, repeal it. The bill instructs the House and Senate committees to begin crafting the bills that will dismantle the Affordable Care Act, and will now go to the House for a vote, where it is also expected to pass.

Democrats didn’t let the fact that they used this method for passing Obamacare in the first place stop them from making a dramatic show for their fandom, as Phil Kerpen noted on Twitter.

From protest sit-ins and hours of votes on Democrat resolutions (including on Medicare and Medicaid) meant to hurt Republicans in their home states, to breaking Senate decorum and good order by attempting to pretend there had been no debate, they put on a show. But it passed anyway.

Here’s a few reactions from the Senate:

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