President-elect Trump: The Hacking Was Russia [VIDEO]

This is an important thing, lost in the noise of Buzzfeed’s bumbling. Today, Donald Trump, who has been briefed on intelligence reports, acknowledged that he believes the hacking we’ve all been writing and reading about for weeks did indeed come from Russia.

“As far as hacking, I think it was Russia.”

That’s a much bigger deal than the news today would make it seem. As I have written several times, I think Trump’s handling of intel reports last week was pretty good, certainly better than how the Obama administration handled things with the press. This was the next logical step and he took it at the right time and in the right way.

What’s more, and also as I and streiff have belabored at length, Russia is not alone in their engaging in cyberwarfare and cyberespionage against the United States. Many countries, as Trump points out, do the same thing. It is, in this case, a much bigger deal than usual, as I wrote last week:

The cyber war happens every day across the globe. It’s a new world, and information is power. That is as true, if not truer, in the field of espionage and national security as it is anywhere else. The only difference this time is that we all know about it, it targets a much larger scale (an entire election), and the involved parties are at the very highest level.

The political maneuvering over this is largely trivial and will give way eventually to a new shiny thing. But the implications for Russian-American relations, and (hopefully) for how we deal with our digital National Security, will be longer-lasting.

Russia did it. For all the Trump faithful who doubted it, doubt it no more. Even Donald is telling you this is so.

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