YES!! Arnold's Celebrity Apprentice Premiered, and So Did His New Catch Phrase.

I admit it, I’ve watched several seasons of Celebrity Apprentice, and I put this one on my DVR as soon as they announced Ahhhnold as the new host. I further admit I was on both pins AND needles waiting to find out what his new catch-phrase would be on the show.

Arnold makes his entrance:

We already know “You’re Fired” was … well, fired. Or retired, I guess, with The Donald. Judging by his entrance (above) we began to suspect what everyone had predicted was going to come true: “You’re terminated.”

Last night there were two episodes in a row for the season premiere. The end of the first came around. The boardroom. It was time for someone to go, and that’s when he said it. “You’re Terminated.”


Then he said “get to da choppa!” And she did. And then he smoked a giant cigar and chatted with Tyra Banks.


I didn’t get to the second episode, but according to Mashable, the second ended with “You’re terminated” and “Hasta la Vista, baby.”

So, you know, pretty much the best thing ever.

Judge me if you will. Until he ran for President I liked the Donald Trump show. I expect to like the Arnold one. Don’t kick me out of the movement. Because you know, if you do ….


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