BREAKING: Passenger Kicked Off JetBlue Flight for Allegedly "Accosting" Ivanka Trump


Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner were on a JetBlue flight today, and at least one fellow passenger was not happy to see them, according to TMZ.

… an out-of-control passenger on her flight began verbally berating her and “jeering” at her 3 kids.

Ivanka was on a JetBlue flight leaving JFK Thursday morning with her family when a passenger started screaming, “Your father is ruining the country.” The guy went on, “Why is she on our flight. She should be flying private.” The guy had his kid in his arms as he went on the tirade.


As Twitchy notes, the passenger and his husband were tweeting about Ivanka before and after the incident. The husband, a professor, claimed innocent opinion-sharing.

You’ll note that the tweet has been deleted. Likewise, a tweet from before the flight with a very different tone. Mediaite’s Alex Griswold caught a screenshot before the memory-hole.

“Harass them.” Not exactly the calm demeanor he tried to claim for his spouse after the fact.

TMZ adds:

JetBlue personnel escorted the unruly passenger off the flight. As he was removed he screamed, “You’re kicking me off for expressing my opinion?!!”

Will this get the media outrage that yesterday’s plane old news got?



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