Here's How Electoral College Day (Today) Is Going to Go Down

Today, the Electoral College meets and votes for the next President and Vice President of the United States, per the November 8 election results. Contrary to the hullabaloo from the left for the last month, this is not unusual or weird or archaic or stupid. It’s our system working the way it has for over two centuries and was designed by our founders in the best interests of the nation they created.

And in 50 state capitols today, that process will be undertaken once more. Here’s how.

There are 538 electors. They each travel to their respective state capital and cast their votes; one for President, one for Vice President. A “certificate of vote” is created, sealed, and delivered to the National Archives. All of this should be over around 3 p.m. Eastern time today. We have the full schedule below, it all starts with Indiana, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Tennessee, and West Virginia at 10 this morning.

On January 6th at 1:00 in the afternoon, the House and Senate will meet together in the House chamber and tally those certificates as they are real aloud, state by state, into the record. At that time, Vice President Biden will announce the winners and there you go.

The winners, the ones with over 270 electoral college votes, will be (presumably) Donald Trump for President, and Mike Pence for Vice President.

As you know, there has been an attempt by the loudest of tiny groups (Hollywood and Democrat elites) to cast a pall of uncertainty and give the impression that there is a crisis of conscience that will take place today under which so-called “faithless electors” will choose someone other than the person for whom their state voted. This is pretty much a fantasy, and by this afternoon that fantasy will be over. Still, there may be protests and drama in some state capitals so it’s something to watch for.

CBS News has compiled a list of the schedule of events for each state, included below. For our part, we wish you a Happy Electoral College Day. Our biggest regret is there are no carols to go with it.

Electoral College Voting Schedule by CBS News Politics on Scribd

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