This is How You Do This: Rick Santorum's Pitch Perfect Response to Hecklers at Cornell [VIDEO]

Rick Santorum spoke at Cornell University as a guest of the Cornell University College Republicans and the Young America’s Foundation. As with many of the nationwide YAF’s recent campus speech guests, the former presidential candidate and Senator from Pennsylvania was heckled and shouted down by the open-minded young liberals on campus.


This happens from time to time, most often to conservative figures, and there is a good way and a bad way to deal with it. The bad way is any way that President-elect Donald Trump has dealt with it, ever. The good way is the way Trump supporter Rick Santorum does here, as you can see in this video from Legal Insurrection:

He calmly points out that the shouters and screamers are intolerant of opposing political views. He doesn’t invite his friendlier audience members to take a good whack at the loudmouths, he just exposes them for the intolerant, closed-minded, safe space Social Justice culture warriors that they are.

The right way. Nice job.


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