Buzzfeed and Kate Aurthur’s Home Planet Has Residents Who Are Firmly Against Interracial Marriage

People who occupy the same ball of dirt in space consider interracial marriage to be a “sin” caused by sinfulness — whether the site and their reporter agree is unclear.


Joe and Jay gave us the two key components of the story that took the internet by storm on Wednesday, in which Buzzfeed singled out a couple with a TV show, Chip And Joanna Gaines, and attacked them over their failure to offer a timely disavowal of their sacred religious beliefs in a way that satisfied Kate Aurthur. Joe gave us the front end of the story, and Jay filled in the background. The short version is that they targeted this couple because they were mad about Trump. Or something.

On Twitter, popular writer and editor of Ricochet Jon Gabriel offered a third vital act to this play: the reversal. Via Twitchy:

This is already awesome. Already, he’s exposed the ridiculous nature of this story. But it gets even better.

And that’s not even the microphone drop.

That’s checkmate you guys. Game, set, match. Other sayings about finality. And there’s so much more to the story at Twitchy.

This is a well established pattern. The left can, and will, take anything, and use it as a knife. Not out of journalistic curiosity or investigative imperatives, but out of mere vindictive spite. It’s the expulsion of bile, built up through years of seething in anger that reality refuses to agree, comply, or cooperate with your opinion on how it ought to behave. How everyone in it ought to behave.

Anything you say can be turned into something it isn’t, made into a weapon to be used against you forever and ever more. Flipping it back on them is a powerful way to illustrate it.


Or, if you’re short on time …

tl;dr – Buzzfeed reporter refuses to comment on possible racist motivation for recent article.


…. wait I will add one more thing, because it’s worth adding this in 2016.

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