BREAKING: Sarah Palin in the Trump Administration? Reports She's Up for a Big Job

This, to say the least, is very interesting. It sounds like Sarah Palin may be on the short list for a job in the Trump administration as the new Secretary of Veterans Affairs.


A producer for NBC sent this tweet a few minutes ago.

.. which came shortly after ABC tweeted this:

Like I said, Palin is an interesting choice. Eight years ago I might have said an excellent choice but that was before … well, before she went full Palin. You can’t say she hasn’t been supportive of veterans and active duty military, at least. And it would certainly rattle liberal cages at about an eight point one on the Richter Scale.

Still, as National Review‘s Dan McLaughlin says …

There is no adjective sufficient to describe the amount of baggage that Sarah Palin carries around with her. Her performance on the campaign trail this year was nothing short of totally embarrassing, and even Trump had to keep her under tight wraps to avoid any potential torpedoing.


The VA is an important job and it requires something more than “sticking it to the liberals” or whatever catch phrase she’ll come up with. You need to be competent in this job, especially with so much repair work needed and so many scandals in the VA in the last few years. It’s crazy to put someone in charge who is more newsworthy than the Department itself.

A bad choice. It might be a satisfying choice, and might have some schadenfreude involved, but don’t play politics with our veterans. Choose someone competent, capable and, above all, with less baggage at least than the VA itself.


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