He's Not Merely "A Politician", He's a Liar.


A lot of people have been noticing Trump changing his positions, backing down, backing off, softening up and basically not doing the things that he ran on doing. The biggest recently is his total pass (sort of like a pardon) on prosecuting Hillary, despite absolutely vowing a special prosecutor. For some reason, he’s being given a pretty big pass on that by those who opposed him vehemently during the election. I am not so inclined to just let him off the hook because “that’s politics.”

First of all, let us get “I Told You So” out of the way. Because I TOLD YOU SO. I told you he was a liar who wouldn’t keep his promises. That it was all smoke and mirrors. Told you so.

Everyone else told you so, too. They told you he wouldn’t do the things he said. Trump fan and former conservative Rush Limbaugh knew it and tried to prep his audience by repeatedly claiming, falsely, that Trump’s supporters “took him seriously, but not literally.” That’s absolute hogwash and their reactions prove it. But still, he told you he wouldn’t keep his word. Told you so.

Trump’s own surrogates told you so, also. They eased little bits of info into the public sphere starting well back in the primaries that showed he was full of bombast and baloney. Trump’s own people. Told you so.

Trump lied and lied and lied some more throughout the campaign. Must we go down the list again? He lied about Ted Cruz buying the rights to a nude Melania ad. He lied about what he said about the Iraq War. He lied about what he said about George W. Bush. He lied about Cruz having a Bible on the debate stage. He lied about how much money was spent in negative ads against him. He lied about charitable giving. He lied about why the convention was in Cleveland. He lied about endorsements. He lied about Tom Coburn. He was caught lying about Tom Coburn, and Coburn made a statement saying so, and Trump repeated the lie the very next night. That’s just a fraction of the total.

Trump lied. He lied to his supporters. His surrogates lied for him, and also told you he was going to lie. Rush Limbaugh told you it was a lie and pretended that was something you knew all along, for whatever reason. And now we’re seeing the lies exposed.

That’s politics? Give me a break. That’s Trump. Other politicians move goalposts, yes. They compromise, fine. Trump lied. Fact. Other politicians do it, but not so spectacularly, frequently, easily, and sometimes with no obvious reason the way our president-elect does.

I appreciate being hopeful, but giving him a chance doesn’t mean giving him a pass.

It’s accountability. This nonsense about taking him “seriously but not literally” is a cute turn of phrase, but it doesn’t really mean anything. His supporters believed he would do the things he said he would. Even his “reluctant” suppporters claimed he would follow through (and still claim it) on his campaign promises. Besides all of which, Trump’s fundamental argument was that politicians and especially republicans have lied to you for too long, that it is for that reason that a radical change is necessary. Don’t believe me? He said it himself.

Pretense at concern for politicians not keeping their campaign promises? Just another lie.

What does it matter now? This should be obvious. He’s going to be the President. He’s going to lie again. I seem to remember a certain political party getting pretty darn upset when Bill Clinton lied. I feel like I recall a certain political party fiercely defending a Congressman for shouting “you lie” at President Obama. What are you going to do when Donald Trump is sitting in the Oval Office, lying to you, certain political party? Are you just going to shrug and say “that’s politics?” Or are you going to call him out and hold him responsible and try to force him to stick to some kind of guiding political ideas?

I know what I’m going to do.

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