Donald Trump Meeting With Paul Ryan in D.C. in About an Hour: A Prediction

Donald Trump Meeting With Paul Ryan in D.C. in About an Hour: A Prediction

President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence will be meeting with Speaker Paul Ryan today, just over an hour from now. They have much to go over.

Trump has a lot on his plate and a lot of deals to make after his win. There are promises to keep, theoretically. And he is, according to his pitch, the master deal-maker. As such, there’s really only one smart move: endorse Ryan for Speaker.

The last thing Trump should want or need is a fight here. Ryan obeyed his instructions. He endorsed Trump, he supported him, and he voted for him. Afterward he congratulated him, and yesterday he had a message that should resonate with #MAGA supporters:

“Donald Trump heard a voice out in this country that no one else heard.”

Look, Paul Ryan is no LBJ-esque power broker, but Trump should, and likely does, see the value in having him on the inside putting a good establishment-friendly, conservative face on his objectives than to have him on the outside, and on the outs, making trouble and complaining.

Donald Trump has stated his desire and belief in both party and national unity post-election. The smart money says step one is endorsing Ryan to stay on as Speaker. A new fight for the role is just not a good battle for now or the first month of his term in office.

He endorsed Ryan’s reelection. Endorsing him again for Speaker, and doing it now, sets the tone for the GOP going forward. It just makes sense.

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