THE FBI: Maybe They've Just Had Enough of Your Crap

The FBI is at the center of the news this week, every day since last Friday, and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change soon.

First was the big announcement that they are now investigating thousands and thousands of emails from Anthony Weiner’s computer which may have passed through Hillary’s insecure basement server.

Then about 24 hours ago came the now and already infamous tweet about the Mark Rich investigation from back during Bill’s presidency.

The Hillary folks are in a tizzy, blasting Director Comey and the entire outfit as being partisans undermining her campaign, with Harry Reid in particular completing losing his last, lonely marble.

(The argument, such as it, is that the timing makes her look bad. Nevermind that she’s done or been part of so many things that warrant investigation by the FBI in the first place.)

And why were they looking at Weiner’s computer? They’re investigating whether he was sexting with underage girls.

But it’s not just Hillary. This same week, the same records vault Twitter account that tweeted the Mark Rich files also tweeted something pertinent to Trump, who has blasted the FBI himself over and over this year:

Yeah. Donald’s dad. You can’t help but wonder if it’s not a great idea to be publicly berating the FBI.

Maybe, candidates, they’ve just up and had it with your crap.

Of course, Comey is no Hoover, the Rich files show nothing new, and the Trump file was just biography and innuendo. And of course, the explanation for the timing on these tweets – that this is an automatic process that is timed based only on fulfillment of FOIA requests – is plausible. Still …

Trump has been attacking Comey ever since he let Hillary off the hook. Hillary and company have been shredding Comey and the whole agency in an all out assault since Friday. Then on Sunday and Tuesday the FBI tweets documents from the past, one involving Hillary’s husband, the other involving Donald’s dad.

I mean, it’s kind of like Pascal’s wager, but for getting publicly undermined by a criminal investigation agency: you don’t have to believe they’re going to come and get you, but you can certainly act as if they are. Especially if you’re running for President and getting jammed up by the FBI could tank your chances.

You know what I mean? So … uh, in conclusion, you’re great, Director Comey. Keep up the good work and my goodness, have you lost weight?

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