I LoveHate This Gary Johnson Web Ad: It's Wondterribful!

This new ad from the Johnson campaign is great and awful. It’s a buildup, and as it builds up, your urge to apocalypse will rise.

Click here to see the video (the embed is not working at this time).


A lot of you may not agree with me, but that’s fine. We’re not married or in business together so go ahead.

But the real message here is that the argument for personal liberty and freedom – you know, the most cherished argument from our Founding Fathers and the principles enshrined in our founding documents – are of little interest to the two clowns vying to be the President of the United States. That’s tragic.

The ad reminds you that voting for one of the two jerks is a rejection of those principles. So it’s a good-awful-timely-terrible-funny-tragic ad.


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