LOL, There's a Donald Trump FONT Now. Seriously.


If you’re a devoted Trump fan and you really want to be like your hero, forget the red hat, get his actual handwriting installed! That’s right, you can Font like Don. And the only downside is that you have to accept the totally mocking name.

From Fast Company:

But that’s not to say that Trump doesn’t read what’s written about him on the internet. He does. His assistants laboriously print out articles on him, like this one from Vanity Fair, which he then covers in crazily scrawled editorial notes, such as “BAD WRITER!”, “BAD PICTURE (NO SURPRISE)” and “OH REALLY!”

For a recent satirical article, which purported itself to be Trump’s own handwritten notes from the second debate, BuzzFeed decided to go the extra yard and task Mark Davis, a graphic designer at BuzzFeed and Font Bureau, to recreate The Donald’s handwriting as a custom font, which it’s calling Tiny Hand. Even better? It’s now available for free download here.

The Tiny Hands font. Internet, you really are something.


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