Four Things to Watch for From Hillary Clinton at Tonight's #Debate

Tonight is the big Presidential debate, the last one, and there will probably be fireworks. I know, everyone says when you say that it turns out the opposite (if only), but with these two, the chances are pretty much nil. After all, they’re already playing the “who can bring the most provocative guest” game.

With all of that in mind, as part of RedState’s debate prep, here are four things to expect or watch for from Hillary Clinton at tonight’s debate.

1) Like at the last debate, Hillary is going to try to prove she can interrupt, too, and that she can deliver killer blows. In practice, that means she’ll keep shifting attention away from her own very serious problems that directly relate to her ability and competence to govern by attacking Trump over his personal life, past remarks, and demographic identity group grievances. You know, saying he’s racist. Whatever the actual merit of such charges, or their importance to his ability to govern, they speak nothing to hers. Rest assured, it’s only a deflection.

Watch for: Off-topic interruptions.

2) Hillary is in a constant battle to make people see her as a human being. Sometimes that means dusting off the “grandma” routine, other times it means putting on her serious face (you know, purse lips, goggle eyes), and more often than that, it involves that brain-tearing cackle of hers. She’s going to try extra hard tonight to show that she has feelings, but is not emotional, that she sees the absurdity in all this, but is not deranged about it, and that basically she’s not, in fact, a killer robot sent from the future to destroy our way of life and possibly apple pie.

Watch for: Hilarious/Disturbing face-making.

3) Be it from Chris Wallace or from Trump, she’s going to have to answer about the Wikeleaked emails. And maybe even the Project Veritas video of a DNC official admitting to inciting violence at Trump rallies. This will be a tricky one for Hillary. She can’t give up her moral high ground. Expect her to do what politicians, and especially Clintons, always do. She will try to get out of answering anything directly, she will deflect, and she ramble on as long as possible to try to prevent follow-up questions.

Watch for: Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and Dodge.

4) This one is a long-shot, but it could happen. In recent months, Hillary has repeatedly raised the ghosts of Republicans past, including Reagan, to say to people that Trump is different and worse than them. That he is a unique threat to the Republic. But this is the last nationally televised debate. It’s going to get huge ratings (for a political debate), and while there isn’t much swaying left to be done with the electorate as far as the top of the ticket, the down-ballot still has fights ahead all over the country. She might try to hang him around the neck of all Republicans tonight, rather than separate him out. No more “even Ronald Reagan had a decorum and respect Trump lack” and more “this is who Republicans picked because this is the kind of policy Republicans want.”

Watch for: Basking in the applause from her supporters in the audience.

There you go. There’s no guarantees, but if she does all four things, I do get awarded this nifty trophy that I made. And here’s one bonus thing to watch for: every time she has to sit down or cut herself short or pause before speaking because she is too tired.

Hey. She does that. Sorry.

Make sure to come to RedState both during and after the debate. We’ll have live coverage, break-out clips, of course, our winners/losers summary. Until then, just … pray.

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