BREAKING: Are Trump and Roger Ailes Breaking Up?

BREAKING: Are Trump and Roger Ailes Breaking Up?

The final presidential debate is tonight, but according to a report from Vanity Fair, Trump is going in without prep, or even contact, from his advisor and friend Roger Ailes, formerly of Fox News.

From the article:

That’s all changed now, according to Sherman and Vanity Fair contributing editor Sarah Ellison. The reason for the fallout depends on who you ask.

“Ailes’s camp said Ailes learned that Trump couldn’t focus—surprise, surprise—and that advising him was a waste of time,” Sherman said. “These debate prep sessions weren’t going anywhere.”

On the Trump side, Ellison said the story is different: “Even for the second debate, Ailes kept going off on tangents and talking about his war stories while he was supposed to be prepping Trump.”

Both of those things seem entirely plausible. And who is to say it wasn’t for both reasons? Although, there is a third possible explanation:

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