FEAR: Trump Voter to Pence at Rally: "I'm Ready for a REVOLUTION" if Hillary Wins

“I’m like Trump,” said a woman to VP nominee Mike Pence today at a campaign event in Iowa. Citing fears of fraud, and with the enthusiastic crowd cheering her sentiment, she says she’s ready for a revolution if Hillary wins.


“One of the biggest things I can tell you that a lot of us are scared of is this voter fraud. We are, there’s a lot of out here saying that when we go to vote, we’re gonna wear red. Our lives depend on this election. Our kids’ futures depend on this election. And I will tell you just for me, and I don’t want this to happen, but I will tell you for me personally. If Hillary Clinton gets in, I myself, I’m ready for a revolution, because we can’t have her in.”

At that point, Gov. Pence interrupts her to say “Don’t say that.” The audience chuckles, but “Rhonda” doubles down and seeks audience approval for it. And gets it.

“But I’m just saying it. No, you know, I’m like Trump, you know, am I not speaking for people here? Do am I not saying the truth, guys? Come on.”

Pence lamely adds “there’s a revolution coming on November 8th.” The real question is why would he tell her not to say that? It’s exactly what Donald and his surrogates and spokespeople and top supporters want these voters saying and thinking. What Pence should have said was “Mission Accomplished.’


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