Ninja Warrior Sean Hannity Tells Glenn Beck Where To Shove His Jesus Jabber

On Sean Hannity’s radio program on Wednesday, he took issue with Glenn Beck and said basically the same thing he said to colleague Megyn Kelly. Specifically, that he (and she) are working to get Hillary elected.


In Megyn’s case her crime is journalism. In Glenn’s, it’s failing to jump aboard the Trump Crazy Train. Hannity has been coming unglued lately, with rants on Twitter just like his Papa Trump, and this was no exception. In fact, this one is just … hilarious.

Sean points out that Glenn said “Jesus didn’t teach, ‘when they hit you, you hit back twice as hard.'” True. Jesus didn’t teach that, and Beck did bring that up. Here is Hannity’s reply.

Well, my martial arts kind of teaches that. When people attack me, I’m gonna fight back.

Big, bad, brown belt Hannity has bragged a lot about his burgeoning battle skills of late. He’s a martial artist, you know. If it seems odd that he’d scoff at a Christian principle, it shouldn’t. You hear that hitch in his voice? That little lump in his throat? The telltale signs of adrenaline. Like any member of his new religion (Trumpism), those are the spiritual rewards he seeks.


If there is one constant this election, it is that the more “all in” you go for Trump, the more “out there” you become. It’s a certainty, a mathematical relationship: more Trumpiness equals more craziness. Whether you want to stop Hillary or not, this principle is a statistical fact. The only people who remain safe and sane are the Reluctant Trump voters.

You can hear the full clip from Leon Wolf, now of the Blaze. There’s a lot more “coming undone” where the clip above came from, including a bit of good old fashioned Catholic-bashing.

H/T Oliver Darcy on Twitter.


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