Donald Trump Says America is "Like a Third World Country" [VIDEO]

Just imagine this sound bite coming from Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. Imagine the garment-rending outrage from the people who are likely voting for Donald Trump this November. Imagine it.

Trump was transitioning from talking about Hillary as being the head of a criminal enterprise to his laments and promises regarding poverty and crime in African American communities. During that transition, he said America is “like a third-world country.”

This speech was today in Henderson, Nevada. And he said America is a like a third world country. The sentence stands alone. Imagine if someone on the other side had uttered it.

We are going to post the full video with some fact-checking on specific assertions he made later tonight, but that’s just the extra topping. The bottom line is that he said “we’re like a third world country.” He said that. On stage. With his mouth.

As recent news confirms, we definitely have an epidemic of malevolent clowns in this country.

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