#Debates 'That's Business' Says Trump Talking Millions of Lost Jobs & Foreclosures in Housing Collapse

Every day we are told that disaffected, displaced Americas who have faced job loss and foreclosure are a driving force behind Trump’s support in America. So how does Trump respond to Hillary lamenting those foreclosures? Well … watch:

Hillary: “Donald was one of the people who rooted for the housing crisis. He said, back in 2006, ‘Gee I hope it does collapse because then I can go in and buy some, and make some money.’ Well it did collapse.”

Trump: “That’s called business, by the way.”

Hillary: “Nine million people, nine million people lost their jobs, five million people lost their homes, and 13 trillion dollars of family wealth was wiped out.”

If he’s giving a course on how to set up awesome attack ads for your opponent, then it’s a master class. But if his objective was to make a point and make his case to the American people, total fail.

He blew it on that answer. It sounds bad, it comes off callous, and it’s an area where a large portion of his base have been wounded in the last decade. There were a million things to say besides “that’s called business” Uncle Scrooge. “Investing and revitalizing the industry after it collapses is how business works” would have been a good answer. “That’s business” is not.

Come on.

Hillary has blown it already several times too, and we’ll have the clips up shortly, but on this one: a dumb, terrible response by Trump, who desperately needs to get his temper under control.

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