CHAOS: At #CharlotteProtest Rioters Attempt to Set Photographer ON FIRE

WCCB reports tonight that “protesters” in Charlotte attempted to set a photographer on fire. The reporter on scene stated that they set fire to a trash can, then blocked firetrucks from getting to the first, and then tried to throw a still photographer into the fire.



Here is their tweet, which mobile users may have to click on to view.

You can hear the report by scrolling through the live stream from WCCB. Several other reporters have been attacked or assaulted tonight in Charlotte. The original report of a CNN reporter being attacked was just the beginning. Several other reporters, local and national, have since been shoved, pushed, knocked to the ground or otherwise involved in altercations over the last hour.

I was in downtown earlier tonight and personally heard the extremely loud bangs of tear gas several times. The energy of the crowd was definitely tending toward trouble and n no way said “peaceful protest.”


We will continue to update you as information becomes available.

UPDATE: Former Charlotte Mayor and current North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory has declared a state of emergency.


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