Mark Levin Blasts Trump's Love of Government Spending [LISTEN]

On his radio program on Thursday, conservative talker and author Mark Levin blasted Donald Trump’s new entitlement promises, contra his fellow conservative talkers.

“I’m throwing the B.S. flag,” says Levin, who is also the Editor-in-Chief at Conservative Review.

“How can you love your children and grandchildren, and support further debt?”


Good for him. And keep in mind, to prevent a Hillary administration, Levin is planning to vote for Trump. But he’s not letting that make him a shill who betrays his core beliefs or defends the indefensible for the price of one measly election. There are a LOT of conservatives who should think really hard about that.

And for #NeverTrump folks, it’s a reminder we can be grateful for. That there are still a few good ones out there, even yet.

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