VIDEO: Hillary's Politburo (MSNBC) Puts on Incredible Display of Nothing-to-see-ism

Hillary’s collapse this morning, when her knees buckled and she fell toward the ground and had to be lifted into a van and rushed from the scene, is nothing of any consequence as far as at least some of the media is concerned. Any news or speculation that doubts the offical campaign statement is heretical.

Especially at MSNBC.

Listen to this coverage from Alex Witt:

In case you missed the fall, here’s a video:

“It makes perfect sense.” But lo, Alex Witt has more to add, when first Hillary returns to view upon leaving Chelsea’s apartment.


And we didn’t even clip all the examples of them discussing the relative length of her sleeves or incredibly long duration (90 minutes) of the ceremony where all the other standing people in long sleeves unsensibly failed to collapse. This was just a few.

Haven’t they been bragging about Hillary’s incredible stamina during this campaign? I can’t recall. Oh wait, yes I can …

Before you leave, think about what the coverage would have been like if this had happened to John McCain in 2008.

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