BREAKING: FBI Releases Clinton Email Probe Documents, Read Them Here

The FBI has just released 58 pages of documents from the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of information using her private email server in her basement that Bill used tax money to pay for.


The documents include summaries of the interviews that FBI agents conducted with Hillary and members of her staff, technical info, and more. One interesting tidbit? 68 of the emails found on the private server in her home are still classified today.
The full PDFs are embedded below. Here’s a few highlights.

  • Hillary was offered secure and approved State Department email at the beginning. She turned it down.
  • Hillary warned her staff not to use private email for work!! Seriously.
  • Hillary may have accessed the information and emails from her private server on as many as THIRTEEN different devices!!
  • “Clinton aides said she often replaced her Blackberry and the whereabouts of the old device would ‘frequently become unknown’” – h/t AP
  • Bro: “Clinton said she did not think about whether emails she exchanged on a future drone attack should be classified” – h/t Reuters

Here’s one that doesn’t sound sexy so may go under-reported. Hillary told FBI agents that she could not remember any training on handling classified info or documents. She also consulted Colin Powell about using a private server and private email address, prompting him to warn her to be “careful.”


There are two things I take from that. One: this surprised “why, what could possibly be the problem, I didn’t know any better” routine is fake. She asked around because she knew it was shady. And two, she’s passing the buck saying that nobody told her not to use it (even though she was obviously warned.) That’s not just shady and grossly negligent, it’s totally lacking in character and shows she’s more than happy to throw anyone under the bus in her own interest.

Here are the full documents. Dig in. We’ll update with anything amazing.

FBI Hillary Part One by Caleb Howe on Scribd

FBI Hillary Part Two by Caleb Howe on Scribd


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