TRUMP: I Regret Causing Personal Pain With My Stupid Truthful Mouth, You Jerks (VIDEO)

I’m paraphrasing, of course. Here’s the clip:


So he says he regrets saying some things and choosing the wrong words, and any pain that may have caused. Then he also says it doesn’t matter because other stuff is more important, and closes by claiming that he always tells the truth.

So … he regrets saying really true things? Or he regrets that you made a big deal out of him saying true things? What exactly does he regret?

Is it making fun of POWs or the disabled? Is it cursing on stage or telling lies about his opponents? Maybe it’s joking about menstruation or assassination? Whatever thing he regrets, and whatever pain it caused, just know this: it’s your problem and what he said was true anyway.

Oh yeah, that’s a whole new Trump. Eyeroll here.


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