BREAKING: Disgraced Fox Honcho Roger Ailes Now OFFICIALLY Working for the Trump Campaign

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Roger Ailes has moved from his unofficial job as water-carrying campaign aide to official advisor for the Trump campaign, it has been revealed.

Despite faked disputes cooked up by Trump and co. and swallowed whole cloth by his gullible base, Fox News has been blatantly in the tank for Donald Trump all along under the direction of former honcho Roger Ailes. But now that Ailes has been fired for sexually harassing two hundred billion employees (approximately), he’s dropped the phony “dispute” facade and taken up permanent residence in the Trump camp.


From the New York Times:

Mr. Ailes is aiding Mr. Trump’s team as it turns its attention to the first debate with Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee, on Sept. 26 on Long Island, according to three people briefed on the move, who insisted on anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the matter.

Two of them said that Mr. Ailes’s role could extend beyond the debates, which Mr. Trump’s advisers see as crucial to vaulting him back into strong contention for the presidency after a series of self-inflicted wounds that have eroded his standing in public opinion polls.

It was not clear when Mr. Ailes began helping the campaign. He resigned his post at Fox New on July 21 amid an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment by former female employees that occurred after a lawsuit by the former anchor Gretchen Carlson.

It was also not immediately known whether Mr. Ailes, who received $40 million in an exit agreement with Fox News, will be paid for his work on the campaign, or how much time he will be devoting to it. Mr. Trump’s campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, is also not being paid.


He’s helping him get ready for the debates. How precious. Wonder if he helped him dodge the Fox debate?

In any case, it’s totally expected. When their operatives are ousted, the campaigns bring them home. Shades of Hillary hiring Debbie Wasserman Schultz.


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