VIDEO: Insane Protests, Angry Booing, People On FIRE ... Highlights of the Chaos at the DNC So Far

The latest HeatStreet video has something for everyone, whether you’re a Trump voter, a sane Johnson voter, or a disillusioned Bernie voter, this is for you.

The chaos at the DNC has been near total. Last week, when Ted Cruz got booed, it was wall-to-wall coverage on the cable networks about the disastrous disarray at the RNC. You don’t see those same stories about the DNC. But you should. Just watch the insanity:

The Cruz moment has nothing on the lefties in Philly. Besides, at the RNC it was a speaker who was booed. At the DNC it was the nominee.

And remember, for Democrats the madness is inside and outside the gates. The Republican convention was pretty much peaceful and quiet.

Wonder if they’ll do a new story on that.


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