Trump, Bush, Hillary, Barack ... Wow. This New Gary Johnson Ad Goes All In!

Gov. Gary Johnson is the Libertarian Party candidate for President, and increasingly he is making waves in the race as the ticket gains higher poll numbers than any prior Libertarian bid. He’s also receiving more endorsements from Republicans and former Republicans who are fed up with a corrupt party leadership and a nominee who is … well just incredibly, unrelentingly terrible.

He is also, amazingly, grabbing a small amount of disaffected Democrats and former Bernie Sanders supporters, likewise repulsed by their party and its nominee.

To gain more votes and really put the Libertarian party and ideas on the map, the strategy is exactly that. Pick up voters who are disgusted with both parties. And with that in mind, this ad is really amazing:

Wow. Now that’s going for it. Give us four years. Give us the chance to clean out some of the mess the powerful, entrenched, establishment has made in their interest and image. Let’s set this whole thing back into some semblance of order. It’s nearly irresistible.

Personally, it’s the best ad I’ve ever seen from a third party candidate. It would make me want to vote for Johnson over the two wanna-be dictators. If I hadn’t already decided to do exactly that, of course.

Truly awesome. And correct. And you should seriously listen.