Another Florida Nightclub Shooting: 2 Dead, 16 or more Injured in 'Teen Night' Slaying

Overnight there was a shooting at Club Blu in Fort Myers, Florida on “Teen Night that left two dead and at least 16 injured. Police are not calling the event a terror attack.

Victims as young as 12 and up to 27 years old have been reported. This chilling account from ABC brings home the horror:

“It was a young teen event. There were kids. The kid I was holding in my lap, he was 14 years old that got shot,” Nouhaioi told ABC News. “And then there was a little girl who also got shot and she was 13. One of the security guard’s daughter got shot, so I mean there was kids 13, 14, 15, 16. It was a young kids event.”

From the Wall Street Journal:

Three people have been detained in relation to the shooting of the Club Blu, said Fort Myers Police spokesman Jim Mulligan. He said the shooting wasn’t terrorism related.

The area around the nightclub had been deemed safe, while some roads remained closed. Club Blu was hosting a party for teenagers.

Police arrived at the club and found several gunshot victims, who were taken to nearby hospitals. Other people who suffered minor injuries fled the scene and went to local hospitals on their own, according to police.

A shooting at a Fort Myers home, in which one person suffered a minor injury, was related to the nightclub shooting, police said, without providing further details.

The three people currently in custody are all adults, though most of the victims are children. Disgusting. When we know what the so-called “motive” is we will update you.