WATCH: Republican Nominee Donald Trump Trashes & Mocks GOP Senator Ted Cruz AGAIN Because Unity or Whatever

In an interview that will air Sunday morning on CBS, Ted Koppel asked Donald Trump about Ted Cruz’s speech on Wednesday night. Cruz was booed off the stage by the rabid, angry Trump frenzied crowd, and Trump, naturally, thinks that’s totally awesome.

KOPPEL: Wednesday night should’ve been Mike Pence’s night. Instead, what’s everybody talking about the next day?

TRUMP: That Ted Cruz got booed off the stage.

KOPPEL: Exactly.

TRUMP: And he did get booed off the stage and I think that’s a good thing as far as I’m concerned, because I let him speak, I gave him a home, because I defeated him soundly, I mean by millions and millions of votes, wasn’t like it was close. And I gave him a home, I said, ‘If you’d like to speak, speak.’ And frankly he was fine, I mean nothing earth-shaking. And the arena erupted in boos towards the end of his speech, because they saw he wasn’t going to endorse. And I thought that was a beautiful thing. And I thought actually, it was beautiful in a different way .. Ted .. I thought it showed great unity. I think the party’s very unified, other than a few people that, most of whom, I beat.

Unity. It does not mean what you think it means. Also .. he offered Ted a home? The Republican party was the home for conservatives long before it was home for preening autocratic, oligarchic, egomaniacal, orange-skinned, small-handed, big-government reality show celebrities, pal.

But Trump, being a dimwit and a Democrat in all but parenthetical letter (R), doesn’t know what a conservative is or what they think, or how important they are to the Republican party. He doesn’t know how much Ted Cruz represents that group and how many people he spoke for when he told people to vote their conscience up and down the ticket this November. But Trump will learn that. Or his voters will.

Keep dancing on the graves of your primary opponents, Donald. It’s going to work out great for you against Hillary. You absolutely fit right in here in “the stupid party.”