WHOA: The Young Turks, Alex Jones, & Roger Stone In YUGE Altercation at RNC in Cleveland (VIDEO)

Behind the scenes at the RNC, in the press area, on media row, is the last place people were expecting a big physical altercation to break out during the Republican convention in Cleveland, but that’s exactly where it happened. And Townhall cameras were rolling when it did.


Eyewitnesses told RedState that Stone and Jones were basically looking for trouble, and the Young Turks became the target of convenience. Not that Cenk Uygur doesn’t benefit from being loud and abrasive and making trouble himself. And he certainly has his own temper. But you can safely assume that any time Roger Stone is involved in something ugly, he’s probably the reason.

It seems today was a day for backstage confrontations as Milo Yiannopoulos was also spotted confronting Twitter personnel about his recent banning, which has angered most of the conservative side of Twitter.

We’ll add more details shortly about what caused the incident as that information becomes available.

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